Whether you are looking to make it big in the music industry or you're just looking to up your karaoke game, you've come to the right place. I teach singing in a variety of styles, including but not limited to: opera, musical theater, sacred, jazz, pop, and r&b.

The structure of your lesson will be determined entirely by your needs, as a singer. I offer an in depth "technical" education in the voice, where you will actively work to improve the production of your singing while also learning to apply that technique to the appropriate repertoire, as well as a more casual approach, which includes some vocal technique, but is more centered on learning and interpreting repertoire dramatically. Both of these approaches would also feature some skills in musicianship, depending on your level of proficiency. The first lesson is FREE, so come see me, and tell me what you need!



 "The best voice teacher in the world cannot teach you how to sing... They can only teach you how to practice."

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